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Where Oh Where To Find Fatty Meat?

It is not easy to find fatty meat!

There has been such an anti-fat movement in the last 30 years. It makes it exceptionally hard to find good fatty cuts of red meat!

I buy my meats directly from farmers. For one, I like to have that connection to the actual person who is raising my food for me! That way too, I can communicate my needs for fatty cuts more easily.

Still, meat processors are using techniques from the last thirty years, which focus on trimming fat, not leaving it on the cuts. And unless consumer demand changes, they will keep operating that way.

However, eating high protein is just as unhealthy as eating high carbs. Our bodies really prefer 70% calories from fat (and real, whole fat, not highly processed oils). I also do not believe dairy fats are healthy either, because of the casein and opioids in them, or poultry or pork, because of their high omega 6:3 ratio.

The best that I can do so far, it seems, is to order whole lamb shares. Lamb is a naturally fatty meat, which …

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