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I thought it might be nice to set up a Question and Answer page for people that might have questions, comments, or support regarding following a zero carb keto diet!

Note that I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice, just my own personal opinion!

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Fat Times Are Here Again!

Ah! Finally! Fat times are here again!

It is such a relief, and feels so good!

It was really hard getting through a few months of such lean meat. I am so happy to have lamb back on the menu!

It is like quenching thirst after being dehydrated. When I took that first bite into the incredibly savory fat of some lamb ribs, my mind just about exploded! It is an incredibly good feeling, and hard to describe. It is a very different feeling from the carb rush.

I am so acclimatized to zero carbs, that when I had a little coconut cream, the small amount of carbs in it shot to my brain. I could feel my brain sucking it up like a little child gorging on candy on Halloween. It caused my brain to be very excitable all of a sudden. And then I got hungry a little bit later, which was unusual. I never really get hungry when I am zero carb keto, even with practicing 20% calorie restriction! But that little bit of carbs in the coconut cream was enough to excite that hunger mechanism as well. I did not like the feeling! It felt like not being in control.

This is great to be back to my level-headed self. It is so much better to feel my brain have a good solid source of energy instead of a carb rush! My whole body feels better. It really feels so much more healthy and natural. I really, strongly believe in the healthiness of zero carb keto. It is really astounding!

Plus, it is so nice to support my local farmer families, and know that all of my food comes from within a very small radius, naturally raised on beautiful green pastures!

I finished reading some more books on butchery, hunting, and "ethical carnivorism". It is very interesting to read different viewpoints on meat-eating. I was vegan for seven years, back in my youth! Animal welfare is important to me.

I feel very well informed now about the processes for field harvesting versus abbatoirs, humane slaughtering methods, various butchery methods and cuts, etc. I have come to the decision that a zero carb keto lifestyle can be very ethical and sustainable. For me, the animals come from within a 120 mile radius, and are raised without chemicals or hormones or antibiotics. They live on grassy pastures, performing natural behaviors. The slaughter is humane and with modern techniques such as those recommended by Temple Grandin, the stresses on both the animal and the humans involved are reduced.

Ideally, field harvesting is best, and mobile abbatoirs such as those used by Wild Idea Buffalo and Broken Arrow Ranch are best. For more information, you can watch a video by Sustainable Harvest Alliance here:  For small local farmers, field harvesting is not always an option, though.

I am glad to have done all of this research, to understand the process more fully. I feel that I now know what is better from a sustainability standpoint, in terms of health, environmentalism, and animal welfare.

In other news, I had some more blood tests done yesterday for a "check-up". I have no family doctor, so I take personal responsibility for my own health and conduct regular health tests from time to time.

I had read that women do not do well on zero-carb (or even "very low carb") because it strains their adrenals. I do not agree, but I wanted to check my cortisol level just to put it to rest. I also did a hormone check too, and a vitamin D test to see if my narrowband UVB lamp is helping raise my vitamin D levels. I'll report back when I get my results! I can report that my bone, heart, cardiovascular system, glucose levels, inflammation markers, blood pressure, bodyfat, eyes, and teeth are in very good health (knock on wood!), after multiple years of restricted calorie, zero carb keto. I am getting a little nearer to bifocals age, but not quite there yet!

In the meantime, is so good to be back in fat times!

Grassfed lamb ribs with sea salt


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