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I thought it might be nice to set up a Question and Answer page for people that might have questions, comments, or support regarding following a zero carb keto diet!

Note that I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice, just my own personal opinion!

And of course, please keep comments respectful and civil!

To participate, please click "Enter Your Comment" under the Comments area below on this page. Then I will get a notification and can reply to you! You will be given an option to receive notification by email of any followup replies to your comment.

Thank you for reading!

True Gut Health

Everywhere I look, the buzz is all about the microbiome and gut health. Everyone seems to think that we need to take pre- and pro-biotics for a "healthy gut." These are the same authorities that tell us 10 servings of grains a day is healthy too! But in my opinion, sugar and starches are carcinogens!

Anyway, I personally do not believe in taking supplements or drugs of any kind. I believe that adding foreign supplements and pharmaceuticals to our digestion causes countless side effects. It is just not what nature intended!

I know when my gut is healthy. It is a really wonderful feeling. It is hard to describe! It feels like my intestines are tight and smooth within my torso, with no bloating. When I have tried pre- and pro-biotics, fiber, plant matter at all, or dairy fats, there is a difference. I can feel that there is bloating. My body does not feel taut inside. Often the bloating is even somewhat visible, in the lower torso between my pelvic bones. If I push on it, I can feel there is air trapped in there, like a balloon. I can visibly see this in many people!

To me, that means there is inflammation. 

I am feeling that bloating now. I believe that the coconut cream that I tried because I ran out of animal fat has caused some inflammation. I also notice that my keratosis pilaris (bumpy skin) has been aggravated somewhat as well, another sign of inflammation, and that my scale is showing a very slightly elevated weight and bodyfat, despite keeping the same reduced calorie intake. That too is another sign of inflammation to me.

Luckily, I now have marrow bones back in stock for extra fat for lean cuts! Plus this morning I will be receiving my whole lamb share. Lamb needs no fat on the side!

I am really looking forward to getting my gut back to healthy tautness!

In other news, I am working on a zero carb keto book that I intend to self-publish! It will include answers to common questions, cooking tips, and of course plenty of photos!

Grassfed beef brisket with sea salt


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