Lean Times

I have had lean times lately, unfortunately!

I was doing great when I had a fully stocked freezer of lamb, since almost all lamb cuts are naturally at a ketogenic ratio.

But then I ran out, and all of the local farmers were all out of lamb as well!

So then I tried veal, but it is far, far too lean!

And unfortunately, all of my local farmers are out of marrow bones as well, so I ordered some marrow bones online.

But then I ran out of those too!

And of course, most of the local grassfed beef cuts (and even online) are just far too lean.

So then I went out to my local farmer a few days ago and purchased some beef brisket, tongue, and oxtail. Once they have thawed out, that should tide me over until my next order of marrow arrives. Hopefully my whole lamb share comes soon as well.

Till then, I have been trying coconut cream, since dairy such as ghee, butter, or cream does not work for me. So far I think the coconut cream is OK for my gut, although I think I am getting a little acne from it.

I was considering, if my gut could handle it, it would be an interesting change of pace to try a vegetarian ketogenic diet, based on coconut cream and eggs. Both of those foods have been around for millions of years (unlike some Neolithic fatty plants like avocado, walnuts, and olives), so maybe my gut can handle them!

I also picked up some pullet eggs at my local farm. Pullets are young chickens and the eggs are smaller than regular chicken eggs. These are really good and the shells are a beautiful assortment of brown, white, and green! Generally, I try to avoid poultry because of the omega 6 fatty acids, but lean times call for drastic measures!

I have also been reserving the juices when I cook my meats for a little extra fat.

Hopefully the lean times are over soon!

Grassfed ground veal with juices and sea salt


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