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I thought it might be nice to set up a Question and Answer page for people that might have questions, comments, or support regarding following a zero carb keto diet!

Note that I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice, just my own personal opinion!

And of course, please keep comments respectful and civil!

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Proactive Health: Blood Tests And More

I have mentioned before that I try to be proactive about my health. I do not have a family doctor, so I try to do my best to be a good doctor to myself!

I regularly check my blood glucose, blood ketones, and blood pressure at home with meters, along with weight and bodyfat. Then I also order blood tests such as complete blood count, hs-CRP, A1C, osteocalcin (for checking bone health), ESR, full lipid panel, vitamin D, etc.

I have decided to get a hormone panel done next week, as I am nearing perimenopause. While I am there, I am also getting a thyroid panel, a cortisol check, and a re-test of my vitamin D. I have been using a narrowband UVB lamp and I want to see if that has helped raise my vitamin D!

So far I have been really pleased with all my tests! My blood glucose remains low all day long. My postprandial number is the same as before eating! And all of my other parameters are really excellent as well. Just LDL is high, but it has always been high (familial hypercholesterolemia). Last year I did a heart scan and trivascular scan to check into it further, and got perfect scores on both (they asked if I was an athlete!), so that was good to know!

I am now starting to work on my eye health. I am reaching the age for bifocals, but I would like to do whatever I can to strengthen my eye health. I have started to eat some eggs, since they contain lutein and zeaxanthin which are necessary for good eye health. I also make sure to eat liver from time to time for the retinol, which is also good for eye health.

I have also decided to get another hyperbaric oxygen treatment. I had one a few weeks ago, and I feel that it was very good for my health overall. I had looked into it because it has been used for healing colitis and vitiligo, both of which I have! After my treatment, I felt really, really amazing and my eyes seemed to be stronger too! So I will get another session next week. I think it has helped, because I have been able to eat some plant matter without pain (knock on wood) recently, since I had run out of marrow bones. I have been able to eat coconut cream (with no gums added, that is) and even some roasted, salted walnuts! That is amazing to me, for I have not been able to eat plant matter, especially nuts, without gut issues for years and years! So that is a big deal to me!

Today some more marrow bones arrive though, so that is good!

I will report back on my blood tests when I receive the results.

Grassfed beef marrow


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